We would fix your walls the best we canNo job is the same and no paint is the paint either and as a professional painting contractor, that concern always arises in the conversation. Consumers are always wondering what type of paint and brand of paint will be used to decorate their house. It is in fact a very valid concern.

Please find the following list as informational purpose only; you should always contact a professional to avoid a higher cost.

Types of Paints.

It all depends on what it is being painted and where it is painted really.

For all interior painting, we need to look a few key factors such as what surfaces are being painted, whether or not is a new surface and whether or not it has been painted before.

Primers are always recommended when painting new surfaces such as drywall and casings. Also recommended to prime drywall-repaired spots on walls and if you are painting ceilings with water stains in them, a primer is required. There are different kinds of primers for different applications. Please ensure that you check with a professional before buying primers, as they are costly.

All wood trims (window sills, doors, door casings, baseboards) are recommended to be painting with mid-high grade paint as they get a lot beating. It was not until a few years that we still used alkyd paints, but since we are trying to be more environmentally friendly painters, we should use latex based paints in eggshell, semi gloss or high gloss to give the wood a nice and shiny finish; it would help us to clean and wipe them down in case they get dirty.

For walls it is recommended to use water based paints. As we do not usually touch walls, a low to mid grade paint would be a way to save money, however, if you have a busy and fast home life style with kids and pets, a higher grade paint is recommended. It is usually more costly but you will not have to paint as often. It is recommended to use satin, low sheen or eggshell on common areas. You may want to use semi gloss on high traffic areas such as kitchen and bathroom or simply choose kitchen and bath paints and it comes in many different sheens as well.

For outside is recommended to use water based (acrylic) paint. Again, depending on how often you want to paint your house, you should consider using mid-high grade paint for the outside. Not only will help prevent Mother Nature to deteriorate the outside, it will also make the properly look pretty for a lot longer. Again, please contact your exterior painter in order to help you choose the right paint.

Paint Brands.

In the lower mainland we have many choices and they are good and have great products and even though some are better than others, it is always important to do your homework and research the company that your professional painter is using. It is of common knowledge that Benjamin Moore is more in the higher end, but they do offer paints at introductory level. Sherwin Williams, although based out of the US, they have a huge selection and by huge we mean a great selection. They offer paints for any jobs and any surfaces in many sheens and colors. General Paint and Cloverdale Paint are based out of BC and they have a good selection of products and are easy to find in your community. Other paint stores you may want to consider for convince and location would be Home Depot, Rona and Home Hardware.

A fully repair washroom

All these suppliers have very helpful staff that could help you with frequently asked questions, however, keep in mind that that how you apply a product may vary in how it is presented by a paint store clerk. We understand that price is something to keep in mind. Your painting professional usually gets a discount at the paint stores and those saving should be extended into the consumer as well to a certain extend.  Thinking about the cost per gallon of paint in the low end would probably costs you $16 + taxes and an excellent and lasting durable paint could very well cost you $80 + taxes. Remember no all paints are the same and they DO NOT behave or cover the same. You will get what you pay for and it is a misfortune, but we have seen a lot of our costumers being ripped-off by other painters.


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