Every year brings a new excitement. Many things that did not get accomplished in 2012 now have an opportunity to get done.

Neutral color

2013 should be a year to take on those projects around the house and get them going. Whether it is a new bathroom or a new kitchen or perhaps the magnitude of those task is to big for a single person, then you may consider just replacing the counter tops and why not, a fresh coat of paint.


According to paint suppliers like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin-Moore, 2013 will bring a lot of neutral and natural colors to the scheme. The one color for the trim, one color for the ceiling and one color of the walls ideas are long gone. Many of the color schemes we will see in 2013 are based on a combination of three to four shades of the same family colors and yes, that include painting ceilings a different color than the walls. Many old fashion interior painters will still consider doing it this way, as it is simple and faster; however, doing it this way will not bring any character to your home.


Colors like AF-240, 2137-50, HC 27 from Benjamin will ensure that the living spaces remain clean and with an open-concept idea. Colors like silver strand, mountain stream and herbal wash from Sherwin, will give your house or office a very unique and warming feel without going over board with warm colors.


As a professional painter, I have see many mistakes done by consumers, thinking that because a color looks good in a piece of paper, it will good on the walls.  Here at Casanova Enterprises, we strive to provide our customer with a custom solutions to their painting needs; every family is different, so should their house, therefore we offer a very competitive and very customizable solution to your renovation projects.

Customs colours for a customer

Customs colours for a customer


Let our team of Langley Painters, Maple Ridge Painters, Surrey painters, Abbotsford Painters, Burnaby Painters  help you beautify your home this 2013 and start enjoying your home to the fullest. Please contact us at david@casanovaenterprisesinc.com or call us at 778-878-2008..