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It seems that more and more people are aware of the expression “doing it right” we see it in television shows all over the channel listings, on billboards and now even if you check on line listings site, you will see tags like “we do it right” or “your satisfaction is our satisfaction” and the list goes on.

But really? What does it mean to do it right? In the painting industry, while many interior house painters know how to do it right there are always glitches in how the final product turn out and the most common one is not doing the preparation work correctly. Whether there is limited time, limited budget or limited experience, if the preparation work is not done properly then there is no point in doing the job at all.

Limited time.

House painters underestimate the time for preparation work and that could save you money as the quote may not be as high as another experienced house painter; however, taking time to really do the preparation work will pay off at the end not only for the house owner, but also for the interior or exterior painter.  A very common problem I see every time I quote a place that was build up to early 1990’s was the use of oil based paint on the trim (doors, baseboards, window sills) and the problem with that is now and due to environmental issues, paint suppliers are not making this products anymore. I will expand on how to paint doors and trim correctly in another post. Taking the time to walk through the place and calculate how much time they will spend will help the process go a lot smoother.

Preparation work, Sanding paint

Limited Budget.

House painters will try to get that job, especially during fall and winter moths when a lot of painters run short of work. Having a limited budget will create problem for the homeowner more so than the painters themselves. The homeowner may experience that the price was low (you get what you pay for) and so then the best way for a painter to make a buck will be to cut corners in preparation time because it can be costly for a painter to do it right. For example, primer is more expensive than paint, using a higher end paint would run the painter into the $70 plus (depending on discount) and the list goes on.

Limited Experience.

Being a painter for over 13 plus years I can say that there is a lot to learn in this business, however, please be aware that if the person doing your inside painting job is fairly new, you may be put into a bad situation. I made mistakes while I was learning. All painters started somewhere, but I have heard stories when people work as a preparation person and after six months they open their business and enter the market. Make sure that you are hiring the right contractor when you decide to do any renovation work in your house.

House painter doing it right

Finally, here at Casanova Painting, we do things right. We use quality paints and products and we do not mind paying for higher paint in order to get job done right. In the end, it is the homeowner who is going to enjoy the quality of the paint and the workmanship done by qualified house painters at Casanova. We are here to serve you from Abbotsford to Vancouver and from Tsawwassen to Pitt Meadows..