Fall Painting


There weather here in Vancouver has been rather great over the last few weeks. Falls is here now and there are lot of people that decided to wait until the very last minute to get their exterior done.


There are a few things that need to be consider before you want to paint the outside of you house or office building.


First, make sure that you are looking at the weather forecast every day and ensure that it will be good for a few more days before you even consider painting outside. It can be done and us here at Casanova Painting we take it very seriously. Weather plays a very important role in our business. Paints cannot be apply below certain degree and they cannot be apply where there is moisture either.


Secondly, ensuring that the paint to be use is consider “LOW TEMPERATURE” is a good sign that the paint will dry in a even way. Not all exterior paints are alike and no paint job should be. Casanova Enterprises ensure that we when we paint in the lower mainland during the fall use low temperature paints. The cost is probably a bit higher, but it is worth it for our customers.


Lastly, when you hire a contractor, make sure that they are doing the common things that come with fall painting. We cannot start too early or stay too late. The use of oil based paint has to be very limited and drying time is a must have in any exterior painting jobs. Casanova Painters are very strict when it comes to doing things right. We built our business in customers trust and trust is what we will deliver.


For more information about fall painters and or exterior painting please contact David at 778.878.2008.