Summer is over and now a lot of painters that were busy during the sunny days are in desperate need of work. It is unfortunate that many people in this trade abuse the system and a lot of good and skills painter are left with all the headaches caused by the bad workmanship of lousy painters.

When someone decided to paint their homes, they are picturing the best job as describe by the painter. The homeowner is left to believe that when just because they look for painting contractors, they will find the best residential painting company to complete the job.

No company is perfect and even when interior painting contractors try to do the best they can, most time they are affected by external factor that may require more attention (We will expand on those external factor in another post)

When someone is thinking to hire a contractor, they should think about few things:

  1. Get information about the contractor. A phone number is not enough. Look on line to see if they have a website. The website should have contact information, a photo gallery, testimonials and things that should matter to any customer.
  2. Is the contractor insured? Did you know that if the contractor DOES NOT have Workers Compensation coverage (WCB) and he or they get injured in your premises, you will have to pay for any injuries that happened while they were in your premises? It is important for any person to get a “Clearance Letter” from WBC. It is free and you can get it in minutes from the WCB website. Another factor to consider is that the contractor should have business and liability insurance. Knowing that your contractor is fully ensure will give you piece of mind.
  3. Experience. How long have they been in business or how long have they been doing that trade for. Practice makes perfect they say. You know that the longer they have been in trades, the more they know about the process. We get that question asked almost every time we give a quote. Unfortunately there are a lot of people that are in trades thinking that it is easy money, but they have no clue what they are doing. We hear it all the time.
  4. Testimonials or Reference.  The website should have some testimonials in it. They speak for themselves, also it is important for any contractor to be able to provide you with reference that way you can feel confortable hiring them. If they refused or give you a long-story-short kind of thing, something is not right. One person once asked us “How do I know that you are good” and we reply, “I could give you the name and number of three of our most recent customers and you could call them right now.” He was very satisfied and yet impressed with the response.
  5. Social Media. Is the contractor linked to social media in any way? Finding your contractor in Facebook, twitter or Linkin will give them more credibility. You can usually check them out and see what other are talking about.

At Casanova Enterprises Inc., we ensure that the quality homeowner are looking for is well interpreted. We are a interior painting contractor company that can help you with interior painting ideas, interior house painting cost, decorating ideas and these are just to name a few in order to provide an excellent and happy result.

Whether you are looking to paint a single door or all of them in your house, we are here, if you are interested in painting one wall or one room, we are here. If you are not happy with the other company and you want to touch up their mistakes, we are here. It really does not matter what needs to be done; we can get it done.

Casanova enterprises Inc. is fully insured and bonded. Backed by 13+ years in the industry, we can have your house painting estimate done in a matter of hours depending on the size of the job.

We hope these post will help you in the near future when you need a contractor to do any job in your house or office.

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