Many times whenever a customer wants to get a room or a door painted they often asked what color to choose from.

That question is by far the most common questions painters encounter when doing a quote or estimate. Many times people are sure that they want to re-do a color in their house or office. In my many years as a painter contractor I have only come across one instance where the customers had asked me to re-paint the house the same color as before. Painting can be a safe and affordable way to beautify a living or working space.

Following are a few tips that you should consider when choosing color.

The main three colors are Red, Blue and Yellow and any other color will be a combination of those. Black is the combination of all colors and white is the absent of all colors. Having said that; lets look what that they mean and how they can affect the feeling in a particular room. As a painter contractor I have seen may shades and color combinations of these colors.



Red is a very rich color and can be found in Mother Nature in many places such as strawberries, rubies and blood. It is often associated fire, autumn, passion, beauty and with happiness in Chinese culture. Painting with red or any of its shades will bring a lot of character to a room. Often is related with antiques. It goes very well with bright yellows or some darker shades of white. As a painter contractor I would recommend to see different shades before going with a pure red paint.



Blues is the color in clear skies and deep oceans. It is often a combination of green and violet. Throughout history, blues and its different shades have had many meaning and it is very respected in some religions around the planet. It represents peace and calm. They give a feeling of coziness and yet very comforting. It is great for living rooms, family rooms and open areas to have a lighter blue, whereas darker blues work well in bathrooms or as accent walls in offices. Blues can be combined very well with whites, yellows, browns and some very light shades of greens.



Yellows can be found in nature in gold, lemons, in autumn and in Chinese culture is associated with the sun, optimism and pleasure.

Since yellows are very happy colors, they can be applying to very open areas. This will create a sense of openness and happiness in the room. Yellows are usually very rich in color, therefore before it is apply, it is recommended to look different combinations of colors. It can go very well with dark shades of browns, reds and blues. Whites will generally go very well with yellow.


Just adding these colors and their shades can make many combinations. It is important to see what types of furniture you have and color of the blinds or curtains. As a professional painter contractor, I would advise to take the necessary time to decide the shade and color. Painting can be fairly affordable and should be done every 5-7 years depending on quality of the paint.


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